Never TOO Late

Sorry for not writing in like FOREVER!!  Life has been crazy, redid our kitchen and found that it was not enough.  Had to paint every room and of course re-carpet.  And carpet, let’s not even go there….that segment is already  written, just have to hit send, but for now I have something else to share.

Before I begin, I have to admit something.  I have a great friend that will put in all the correct punctuation, grammar and of course spelling when I write my segments. But because I am currently in Germany retracing the footsteps of Martin Luther, it is 0400am, and I want to get these thoughts to all of you.  So I am asking for forgiveness and give warning for any/all grammatical errors.

Many of you may, or may not know, that I have been a guest with Neil Stavem, Connecting Faith, on KTIS, Faith Radio AM900, many times over the last 3-4 years.  When I am on varies, but  always in April, Autism Awareness Month.  The format is an open mic, his show is for 60 minutes and the listeners are encouraged to call in.  I talk openly and candidly.  Neal continually reminds the listeners that I have my degree in Momology, and the calls come in anyway.  This last Thursday, there was only one caller at the end of the show ( Judy, I will call you when I get back home).  Now, if anyone knows me, I LOVE to talk, especially on the subject of INVISIBLES and I value the gift of feedback.  Feedback in the form of questions, comments and a few tears.  When departed the station, and after having the one call (thank you Judy), I worried that I was boring, there weren’t any listeners, people had heard me one to many times, and a number of other things. It was an empty feeling, one which gave me (I thought) the right to question about me talking about INVISIBLES.

As the weekend and packing loomed, my thoughts shifted to getting away with Charles, the tour and heading off to Germany.  We left Monday and arrived Tuesday morning.  Off the plane and onto a wonderful German bus. Heading toward the quaint town of Eisenach, home of Wartburg Castle, Bach’s birthplace, Lutherhaus and Georgenkirche (Luther preached here).  Then I discover, to my thrill, the bus has WiFi! So.. let’s update Facebook, let the kids know we were safe and it was then a name appeared in messaging that I did not recognize.  I quickly read the message and my heart melted while my eyes filled with tears.  I placed my hand on Charlie’s’ leg and whispered “you are NOT going to believe what I just received” and I proceeded to read to him the following.

Mary, I heard you on faith radio today. I just wanted to say your story really moved me. I went to school with George at Hidden Oaks. I’m sorry to say I was one of the kids that made fun of him. I got in school suspension for some of the things I said.

Long story short, I’ve since gotten saved. I have seen George a couple times since high school at cub and couldn’t shake the pit in my stomach, or bring myself to apologize. I just wanted to reach out to you to say I’m sorry for causing your family trouble, and thank you for being such a great voice in our community, especially for those that can’t defend themselves.

God bless you.

To which I replied:

Hi XXX, thank you for the note. Blessings to you. You should reach out to George. He is very understanding and forgiving. Thank you again.
OK God!  I get it, thank you!  Here we are, about to embark on an amazing journey to learn about the man that began the reformation 500 years ago, and while riding a bus on the autobahn, God smacks me between the eyes to tell me:  All it takes is just one voice, one ear and the tears begin rolling down my cheek.
Thank you to all who read my stories, I promise to post more often, and stop doubting what my intention is when I share with you.
Thank you to the young man for recognizing it is never to late to understand others.
Blessings from Eisenach and off to Erfurt!  Talk to you soon!