When a child is born, the first things a parent checks is gender and if there are 10 fingers and 10 toes.  Everything looks perfect on the outsides, but it is not until this child reaches the age where social interaction and skills are learned that a parent realizes that their child is different.

Having a child with a neurobiological diagnosis, noticing the differences between our child and others is easy to do.  How to handle it is the difficult part.

I remember when G was 3 or 4 years old at Sunday school.  He could never come down from his highs.  The kids would march around singing a song and then settle in for story time, but G could not stop.  As everyone sat quietly preparing themselves for the story of Baby Jesus, G continued marching around with all eyes upon him.  I still see the faces of the adults, questioning what he was doing, aggravated by his actions, beckoning me to ‘do something.’  I wish I would have known then what I know now. Instead of holding him tight while he became more frustrated and loud, I would have smiled and given him something to play with.

Invisible411:  Those with diagnoses listen differently.  Don’t expect them to focus and sit still while listening .  Try a pencil and paper, and let them doodle.  Ask them to repeat what was said, and they will SURPRISE YOU!!!  They heard it all, and can often repeat it back word-for-word.

One thought on “Shhh….Listen

  1. Love this! So true! I taught preschool Sunday school and one of my students was just like that! He struggled to focus but I worked to give him ‘tools’ to occupy his hands while we did the story portion of the lesson (play dough or fidget items). When we were done and I thought he had tuned out my voice he always surprised me! He could draw a VERY detailed picture describing the story. I learned so much from him!!


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